Talmage Area Trails

Cow Mountain and Mill Creek Park

Mill Creek Park on Trailforks.com

Valley View Trail

A steep 4 mile trail that starts at upper Mill Creek pond. It winds through chaparral and oak forest. It comes out at the dirt road that climbs up North Cow Mountain. Mayacamas Trail starts near the upper end of Valley View. There is a nice waterfall that runs most of the year about Ω mile down Mayacamas. Maps are available at the BLM office on North State St.

Take Talmage Rd east to the intersection with Old River Rd at The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Turn right. Turn left at Mill Creek Rd. There will be a sign directing you to Cow Mountain. Proceed up Mill Creek Rd as it starts uphill. Pass the lower dam and pond and then the upper dam and dry pond. Park at the far end of the upper pond. The trailhead for Valley View is right across the street. There is a sign at the beginning of the trail.

Mill Creek Park

Mill Creek, Scorpion, and Ridge Trail

This county park has about 3 miles of trails. Narrow, mostly shady, these trails sometimes get overgrown and often sport luxurious growths of poison oak. Great views of the valley from the ridge. Tends to have a lot of poison oak. Follow directions for Valley View. Walk up the road a little farther to Mill Creek Park. Go through the park and head south along the creek. Look for a few steps heading up the hill or proceed south along the upper pond. This trail will loop around but is not well marked up on the ridge.