Call for Proposals

The UVTG Board of Directors seeks a paid consultant to lead the board in the development of 1) a business sponsor program, and 2) a new annual fundraising event. The successful candidate will meet with the board during board meetings and at additional meetings scheduled specifically for the consultant’s work. This position is funded thanks to the generous support of the Community Foundation of Mendocino County (CFMC).

Business Sponsor Program: Board members will provide the consultant relevant materials to develop a business sponsor packet. The packet will include information about UVTG successes and benefits to the community and outline the advertising opportunities sponsoring businesses will receive. Consultant will outline details of sponsorship “levels” and price points will be developed by the consultant and presented to the board for approval. Once approved, the consultant will use the packet to approach potential business sponsors. The consultant will be asked to educate board members and help prepare the board to take over the business sponsor program at the end of the year.

Fundraiser Development: Consultant will work in collaboration with the board to develop an annual fundraiser concept and then work as event coordinator for the first annual event. Although it is believed a “fundraiser” like a dinner is most likely, it is possible that another fundraising mechanism could be identified. One task in the fundraising concept plan would be to select the best time of year to hold the fundraiser. Depending on the time of year selected, it very well may be that the first fundraiser will be held after the conclusion of this one-year CFMC funded project. Extension of contract may be required to retain the consultant beyond the term of this grant if mutually agreeable to consultant and board.


  • Monthly report at UVTG Board meeting on the first Tuesday of the month (Evening; ~1 hour/month).
  • Monthly meeting with Board ad hoc committee to work on project (~2 hours/month)
  • Monthly Invoice with notation of activities, hours, and rate.
  • Fully developed Business Sponsor Program with written standard operating procedure.
  • Recruitment of minimum of six initial business sponsors
  • Fundraiser Proposal
    • Evaluation and report of competing local fundraisers.
      • Organization, Fundraiser Theme, Date, Approximate Earning.
    • Draft of 2-4 fundraiser ideas.
    • Written plan for annual fundraiser with task list and reverse timeline.
  • Event Coordination for “First Annual Fundraising Event.”
  • Board Member Business Sponsor Recruitment and Retention Training.

Budget: $12,500

Ukiah Valley Trail Group 759 S State St., Ukiah CA 95482

neil at 707-972-0926