Orr Creek Greenway


In the Orr Creek Greenway we envision a healthy and verdant Orr Creek at the center of a linear park from Low Gap Park to the Russian River. A linear park with:

  • A class 1 multi use path for recreation and transportation
  • The path will provide an east/west corridor for non-motorized transportation
  • Benches, picnic tables and occasional play structures along the path
  • Interpretative signage regarding the Riparian ecosystem
  • An underpass below Highway 101 to allow non-vehicle access to the Ukiah Ball fields
  • Creek access spots for children to learn and play


  • To provide a pleasant, safe place for all ages to recreate by walking, running, biking and enjoying nature.
  • To provide a commuter route for non-motorized travel.
  • To provide Ukiah students with Safe Route to School(s).
  • To provide a wildlife corridor.
  • To enhance and protect open space and the health of Orr Creek.
  • To connect our community to nature.
  • To decrease undesirable and damaging uses, including garbage dumping and illegal camping.


Why Orr Creek:

  • Orr Creek reaches almost across the Ukiah Valley floor from East to West.
  • The corridor is virtually flat.
  • The open corridor will provide an opportunity to create a pathway that people of all ages and abilities can use.
  • The trail will be easier to build and maintain.
  • Much of the corridor is public land (City of Ukiah, County or Ukiah Unified School District.)
  • Most of the creek has not been built up next to its banks.
  • There is space for a pathway within, or next to, the riparian corridor.
  • The creek is lined by large trees. This creates shade, which is very important for non motorized commuting during the warmer months.
  • Connectivity:

The corridor is close to downtown.

  • It will connect with the rail and other trails in the Ukiah Valley.
  • It connects commercial areas, residential areas, recreational areas, schools and county offices.
  • This is an opportunity to preserve and enhance Orr Creek as a wildlife and watershed resource.
  • Orr Creek is home to steelhead trout as well as other native fish, amphibians, mammals, birds and invertebrates.


Ukiah Valley Trail Group

Sanhedrin Chapter CA Native Plant Society

Rural Community Housing District

City of Ukiah

Walk & Bike Mendocino