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It’s that time of year that we ask you to donate to help us make sure we have great trails close to home. Our goal for this Giving Season is $13,000. That’s enough to pay for a week of work from a CA Conservation Corps crew of 15. They can get a ton of work done for us.So far we have raised $10,479 towards our $13,000 target! That’s 81% of the total!

A donation of $156 pays for a single crew member to work for a day. If that’s too steep for you, consider covering a half day for $88 or two hours for $44! What ever you can afford helps us keep our trails in great shaped.

Thanks, Howie Hawkes

President of the Board, UVTG


Become a “Sustaining Donor” Today!

Why I donate_reneeRenee Vinyard was one of our first sustaining donors. Sustaining donors set up an automatic monthly donation to the UVTG. When you set up a sustaining donation you make it easier for our team to budget expenses and plan. “It’s easy to set up a recurring donation” said Renee, “and by giving every month, what seems like a small donation for me really adds up over the year.” Renee went on to explain that she enjoys hiking the trails even more knowing she is doing her part to keep them open and in good shape. “I really need my time on the trails, it’s both exercise and a chance to unwind.”

It’s easy to set up a recurring donation:

Go to or go to – then enter Ukiah Valley Trail Group in the charity search field.

Or set up a recurring payment with your online checking account.

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