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Your donations make trails happen. And there is no better evidence of that than the grand opening of the new trail above City View completed last spring. Donations from trail users like you keep our doors open, our insurance paid, our tools sharp, and our commitment strong as we work through the many challenges involved with planning and preparing to add to our trail system. It’s a lot of work!

There are significant costs to the planning work, but thanks to the support of donors like you we were able to complete the trail above City View last year! We weren’t able to get started as early as we liked, but thanks to huge volunteer contributions we were able to have the trail ready for people to use as soon as the ground was dry! This winter we’ll return with volunteer crews to do some additional widening and finish work on the trail.

Thanks, Howie Hawkes

President of the Board, UVTG


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Why I donate_reneeRenee Vinyard was one of our first sustaining donors. Sustaining donors set up an automatic monthly donation to the UVTG. When you set up a sustaining donation you make it easier for our team to budget expenses and plan. “It’s easy to set up a recurring donation” said Renee, “and by giving every month, what seems like a small donation for me really adds up over the year.” Renee went on to explain that she enjoys hiking the trails even more knowing she is doing her part to keep them open and in good shape. “I really need my time on the trails, it’s both exercise and a chance to unwind.”

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