Great Redwood Trail – Ukiah


We envision two primary bike and pedestrian corridors through the Ukiah Valley. The first corridor is along Orr Creek from the Russian River to Low Gap Park providing an east-west arterial and Greenway. The other is the north-south arterial that we refer to as the Great Redwood Trail Ukiah (commonly known as the Ukiah Rail Trail).

In collaboration with the City of Ukiah, North Coast Opportunities, and Walk & Bike Mendocino we’re working on rail with trail projects to make Historic Railroad Parkway a reality. Our combined team was successful in obtaining a California Natural Resources Agency Urban Greening grant to develop phase III of the rail with trail. We expect to have the trail open in the late Spring/early Summer of 2020. At that point the trail will extend from Hastings Blvd near Costco to the northern city limit at Brush Street.

City of Ukiah

Phase One: Gobbi to Ford Street – COMPLETE

Phase Two: Gobbi to Hastings – COMPLETE

Phase Three: Ford Street to Brush – COMPLETE

Phase Four: Hastings to Norgard – We have FUNDING!!! Planned completion Spring 2023


Brush St to Lake Mendocino Blvd – We’re working on it! Redwood Valley to Hopland! We can do it! Show your support today!


We’re also working with Senator McGuire’s office and partners up and down the coast on the development of the Great Redwood Trail.