About Us

Who We Are: The Ukiah Valley Trail Group is a volunteer organization comprised of individuals and participating organizations dedicated to preserving, enhancing, and establishing trails in the Inland of Mendocino County. The UVTG acts as an information center for trailwork in Mendocino County; we promote trailwork and recruit volunteers, help plan and coordinate projects with land managers and partners, and train crews and crew leaders. Through trail stewardship, the Ukiah Valley Trail Group aims to keep our existing trails open and well maintained, and open new trails in our undeveloped lands whenever possible. We strive to partner and build cooperation with other trail use groups to achieve our objectives wherever possible.

Our Mission: The mission of the Ukiah Valley Trail Group is to create and maintain a trail system that will enhance our community’s quality of life and health.

Our Vision: We envision a Ukiah Valley where no resident has to travel more than 10 minutes to reach a trail head. A Ukiah Valley that is surrounded by a web of interconnected trails of such high quality that residents of all physical abilities are constantly tempted to, and do get out and exercise and experience our beautiful environment. We envision a trail system that bolsters the economic vitality of the area. We envision a Ukiah Valley where the great trails beckon and compel our residents to remain physically, emotionally, and spiritually connected to the place where we live.

Ukiah Valley Trail Group is committed to:Logo_transparent72 copy

Maintaining and building trails for use by all.

Training crews and crew leaders.

Educating all park users in the value of land stewardship by caring for our trails.

Consulting with land managers on the mitigation of problems.

Being a trailwork information center for trail users and supporting organizations.

Pursuing the development of potential trail corridors

We believe multiple use trails are a viable solution to the problem of increased demand by all user groups for recreational access to a limited amount of public land in Northern California. We believe that all trail user groups—hikers, equestrians, and cyclists—can get along and learn to share and care for our precious undeveloped open spaces. The UVTG is here to support our trail system, and build a sense of community amongst all user groups who share our goals. Together, we can make a difference.

Land Acknowledgement

We respectfully acknowledge that these trails are on the land of the Northern Pomo. They have lived harmoniously with these lands and waters for countless generations before the onslaught of colonization. Like Indigenous Peoples across the Americas (and most of the world) they experienced genocide, ethnic cleansing, theft of their land and waters, and forced removal.  Our ability to live, work, and enjoy this area is connected to their deep loss.

We ask all in our community, including governing bodies, to respect the Northern Pomo and other indigenous people and to learn the true history of the lands on which we reside. We acknowledge we have not done enough and resolve to work with the indigenous people of this area to build a shared, sustainable future for all.